Valley of the Nobles


valley of the Nobles is located on the West bank of Luxor, and extends over a huge surface area to the South of the Kings Valley .

The Valley of the Nobles site includes nearly 500 tombs of Theban nobles and high officials.

While the royal tombs were hidden away in an isolated valley, the Tombs of the Nobles were dug in the mountain overlooking the river Nile

, as they wouldn’t have contained even a fraction of the royal treasure.

With so many wondrous tombs in the area, it is advisable to visit certain key places of interest.

Tomb of Sennefer:

One of these impressive tombs must be that of Sennefer.

As mayor of Thebes, and the overseer of the gardens of Amun during the reign of Amenhotep II (1427 to 1400 BC.),

his tomb is one of the most beautiful and best preserved burial chambers in the area.

The walls and the ceilings of the tomb contain many colored scenes of Sennefer with his family members and many other scenes of daily life.

Tomb of Rekhmire:

Another fine example of ancient burial chambers to be seen amongst the tombs at the Valley of the Nobles is the tomb of Rekhmire.

Rekhmire was a Vizier, and a great landowner during the period of Tuthomose III of the 18th dynasty.

Scenes in his tomb represent him collecting taxes from the people and receiving gifts from foreign ambassadors that visited Egypt.

Tomb of Nakht:

Nakht visiting fishermen, Tomb of NakhtNakht and wife Taui, Tomb of Nakht, Valley of the NoblesPapyrus stem columns holding up Grapevine arbor – Tomb of Nakht
The tomb of Nakht is another beautiful site to visit.

Nakht served as an astronomer and a priest in the reign of Thutmose IV who belonged to the 18th dynasty.

His tomb is decorated with farming and fishing scenes, perhaps due to a love of the river.

Tomb of Ramose:

The tomb of Ramose has particular significance. Ramose was the governor of Thebes before, during,

and after the reign of Akhenaton and the imposition of a new religious doctrine.

The tomb therefore displays the transition between ideologies in its decoration.

Tomb of Menna:

The tomb of Menna is another well preserved example in the tombs of the nobles. Menna was an inspector of estates in the new kingdom and

his tomb contains colorful scenes of him and his wife presenting offerings to the gods.


There are other tombs that are worth visiting on a trip to the Valley of the Nobles, like those of Khonsu, Benia, and the tomb of Userhat.

All these tombs contain fascinating colors and scenes of the life of the new kingdom.

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