What to Do with a Couple of Days in Luxor


What to Do with a Couple of Days in Luxor

If your impression of Egypt is well-refined tourism, SO What to Do with a Couple of Days in Luxor, so prepare to be awed by what Luxor has to offer
world-class ancient sites and too many pairs of fake ray bans then Luxor is its poster child.
That being said, it’s a tourism hub for a reason

That will allow you more than enough time to visit all but the most obscure attractions in town. So what should you see and do in Luxor?

Here are the things I would recommend you see, and it’s all easily accomplished within 2 days.

Temples of Karnak:

Very possibly the highlight of your visit to Luxor. The sheer size of the architecture here can’t fail to impress you and that alone is worth a visit.

Rows and rows of sphinxes guide you to the entrance of this temple, a worthy introduction to a great sight.


Luxor Temple:

I think the true beauty of this masterpiece lies in its location – slap, bang in the middle of the city, sitting on the banks of the Nile.

Valley of the Kings:

Tutankhamun’s tomb. World-famous and rightly so.

This is, in essence, the most impressive cemetery in the world.

A valley is full of 60 odd decadent, intricate tombs for a host of kings from the Egyptian dynasties.

All the hieroglyphics within the tombs are behind thick Perspex glass but with a drop of imagination, you can imagine the hundreds of people drafted in to work on these things all those centuries ago and your sense of awe will be restored.

Valley of the Queens:

A smaller, less ornate version of their husband’s valley! Worth a peek, just don’t bank on being blown away.

Hot-air balloon ride:

You get around 45 minutes in the air as the sun rises over the Nile. An activity you won’t forget for a long time.

Sure it’s touristy, but who cares when it’s bloody awesome!

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